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Welcome to Jersey Worx

Jersey Worx a knitwear manufacturer which was established in 2007. As a family owned business we pride ourselves in quality garment at competitive prices. With a hands on approach we are able to give personal service and great attention to detail..

Our vision is to set new standards in corporate knitwear with fine gauge trimmings which give our garment a refined and understated look. Combined with superior stitch density that improves wear and performance.

We are a Gauteng based manufacturer servicing customers all over South Africa with a reputation for providing good quality garments that are well priced.

We Specialize In

Corporate Knitwear  // Military & Security Knitwear  // School Knitwear    Dance Knitwear

Overlocker 2
 High Quality
Yarns & Materials
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Affordable Prices
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