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Services Knitwear Jerseys

Embroidery, Quality Control, Yarns, knitting & CMT


Our in-house sampling team will prototype your sampling requirements to your specifications, alternatively our samples are produced very quickly. We aim to turn samples around within 5 days to 8 days.

Our Yarns  

We source locally and import. Yarns can be dyed up to any specific color or Pantone. Dying process can take up to 6 Weeks. We use 100% low pill acrylic yarns.


We have flatbed knitting machines producing garments in 7, 10 & 12 gauges. We can knit approximately 500 to 2000 units per gauge per week.

Make-up & Assembly  

Our makeup comprises of a variety of machinery enabling us to ensure your garment is finished to the highest quality standard creating a perfect look and fit for your customer. The Make-up department is equipped with Linking, Over-locking, Seam-covering, Lock-Stitching, Button-hole, Button-sew and all the ancillary machinery needed to make a beautiful garment.

Quality Checks and Assurance  

Each piece is individually quality checked at each production stage and a final check before despatch ensuring each garment adheres to an exceptional high standard, meeting both yours and your customers requirements.

Embroidery Service  
Email your design or logo, Pantone colours and preferred size plus location (left breast, left arm, bottom left, cuff etc)

We will digitise your design and run a sample on a swatch for approval within 2 - 3 working days

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